SystemSuite Professional

SystemSuite™ 14 Professional

  • One-step PC tune-up and repair
  • Malware, virus & spyware protection
  • Internet cleanup and firewall defense
  • Identifies & fixes Windows slowdowns
  • 400% faster registry cleaning & repair
  • Boosts startup and Web speed
  • Stops PC crashes and freeze

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Keep your PC Running like New with SystemSuite Professional


SystemSuite Professional

Why Choose SystemSuite Professional?

System Suite is THE comprehensive system repair suite that includes everything needed to keep your PC safe, healthy and error-free.

It's easy-to-use interface diagnoses and fixes Windows® problems, cleans out hard drive clutter, optimizes daily performance and removes viruses and spyware-all from just one window!

The Most Comprehensive System Diagnostic Tools Available.


Speed Up your PC

Faulty settings, clutter and fragmentation are the cause of most PC problems. But if you’re not a PC expert, don’t worry! SystemSuite runs numerous comprehensive diagnostic tests for you and will have your PC running like new all over again.

Boosts Startup & Daily Performance
Analyzes Windows from start-up to active use to shutdown to identify why your PC is slow.

Fixes Registry Errors 
Defragments and optimizes the Windows registry for optimal speed.

Speed up Program Performance
Re-aligns your program files for improved launch and response times.

Speed up your Boot Time, Daily Usage and More!

  • Disables startup programs to improve Windows boot time.
  • Identifies which programs and processes are using the most resources.
  • Improves system performance by optimizing how Windows uses memory.
  • Defragments your hard drive to increase PC performance and reliability.
  • Optimizes your browser, download and Web surfing speeds.
  • Personalizes Windows settings for optimal speed and performance.
  • PC health overview with easy-to-understand reporting.

Fix Your PC

The PC errors, crashes and freezes you’re experiencing are generally caused by faulty settings, broken registry settings and hard drive problems which, unfortunately, come with regular PC use. System Suite’s versatile tools and registry repair will fix your computer and with regular use, stop future PC problems before they occur.

Repair your PC Today and Prevent Problems Tomorrow!

  • Stops PC crashes, freezes and restarts
  • Repairs Windows when it won’t load
  • Creates a bootable rescue CD in case of a disaster
  • Fixes Windows® registry errors
  • Repairs broken registry shortcuts
  • Early detection system for hard drive problems
  • Scans and fixes hard drive errors
  • Fixes Windows security vulnerabilities

We know that keeping your PC optimized, protected and running smoothly is the goal. Our in-house experts and software engineers know what to fix, how to do it and are here to provide you with the best tests and most up-to-date software tools available!

Follow step-by-step guides to easily repair problems yourself or use the 1-Click Fix Wizard to diagnose and repair everything that’s plaguing your PC.

Clean Your PC

Every day you work, play or browse on your computer, useless junk builds up clutter on your hard drive. Unfortunately, clutter causes damaging disk and system problems and ultimately can create dangerous privacy problems.

Is your PC sluggish, inflexible and slow to respond? SystemSuite’s powerful PC Clean Up tools speed up web browsing, free hard drive space and clear out the clutter that’s causing your PC’s processes to overload.

Disk Clean-up Rids your PC of Performance-Robbing Clutter & Protects your Privacy

  • Cleans over 100 different types of junk files.
  • Removes temporary files that take up valuable space.
  • Permanently shreds files using U.S. Department of Defense criteria.
  • Securely shreds ALL DOCUMENTS inside your PC’s recycle bin.
  • Regains significant hard disk space with a safe and thorough clean up.
  • Protects your Web privacy by erasing browser, search and cookie histories

1-Click Clean-up Wizard

1-Click Clean Up Wizard cleans out hard drive clutter, removes unnecessary registry entries and regains disk space.

Protect Your PC

We all know that security software can dramatically slow down your system but System Suite’s award-winning integrated technology you’ll get complete Virus Protection. Remove existing viruses, malware and spyware from your PC, plus prevent future infections without sacrificing speed and performance.

The Virus Protection and Virus Removal Tool Needed to Stay Safe!

  • Detects and removes viruses, spyware and malware
  • Prevents rootkits and keyloggers from stealing personal data
  • Get real-time protection against any malicious activity
  • Provides hourly updates to protect you against the latest threats
  • Protects your computer from hackers & intruders

24/7 Protection Against the Latest Threats

  • By using smaller amounts of system resources than ever before, you don’t have to choose between PC security and PC performance.
  • Get an overview of each threat, what it does and its potential danger so you can make educated decisions about keeping
    or removing unwanted programs.
  • Download your favorite music, pictures and videos safely! Identify new virus threats and spyware variations and prevent them from infecting your PC.
  • Get fast definition updates! System Suite delivers fast definition updates that continually protect you from the latest threats without slowing you down.

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Keep your PC Running like New with SystemSuite

What's New in Version 14

System Dashboard

Get an instant overview of important system information, disk and memory space, battery life and processes running on your PC in one easy place.

  • Look at system information on: operating system, default web browser, IP address, power settings and battery life.
  • Know how much disk and memory space you are using, how much is free and your disk fragmentation level.
  • See what processes and programs are running at startup and during active use.

Data Recovery

Easily recover deleted files and data from your hard drives, USB drives, flash drives and memory cards.

Disk Space Saver

Ran out of space on your drive? Are your files scattered everywhere? No Problem! Disk Space Saver scans and identifies where your large, duplicate, junk and Internet files are located.

  • Get a visual display of your disk space usage that lists your biggest and duplicate files.
  • Clear browser and download history, surfing activity cache and Internet cookies.
  • Identify and remove unnecessary system clutter and junk files.

Windows 8 Compatibility

System Suite is now fully compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8.


SystemSuite Professional
SystemSuite Professional